Celebrate the Harvest Season at The Pearl’s Sukkah Booth

Where do our vegetables come from?

Many people might think the supermarket is the right answer. Our big cities and digital-centric lives sometimes cause us to lose touch with nature and the farms that provide our food. So every October, dozens of cultures celebrate a harvest festival to remind people where food comes from and the importance of taking care of our environment.

Celebrating the Harvest Season

This year at The Pearl, we are celebrating the harvest season in a rather traditional way. We are building a sukkah in the park outside on Sonny’s Green where we also have an organic urban farm. A sukkah is a traditional booth built for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Centuries ago, farmers built booths in their fields during the long harvest, and these booths are featured in the bible as a symbol of divine protection. Today, the sukkah booth commemorates a sense of gratitude for nature and community. The sukkah at The Pearl symbolizes the community’s commitment to protecting the environment and to honor the sources of our food. The Pearl building is LEED Gold certified, sports its own solar panels, and operates its own organic urban farm that provides produce to the residents. The residents enjoy visits from food trucks, live music and movies on the lawn, and yoga in the fitness studio. All this reinforces a sense of intentional living and communal spirit. The Pearl’s sukkah adds an elegant touch by inviting all to visit, breathe the fresh air, and appreciate the natural protection of the sukkah’s thatched roof.

About the sukkah booth

The sukkah booth is constructed with a thatched roof to symbolize that our protection from the elements is tenuous at best. Even with modern constructed buildings protecting us, we’re still very vulnerable to the forces of nature. When sitting in a thatched roof sukkah booth, we’re reminded that the environment matters. In our current times, it’s clear that we need to pay attention to the nature around us. So the sukkah gives us a way to celebrate the harvest of the urban garden while also reminding us to appreciate and take care of the world around us. Facing Sonny’s Green, named after the visionary Sonny Abramson, we’re reminded that we can leave a lasting and positive impression on this earth with everything we do.

Sukkah Booth at The Pearl

Come visit!

The sukkah is open for anyone to visit during the Sukkot festival which takes place this year between October 4th and October 11th, 2017. It located on Sonny’s Green, directly across from the main entrance of The Pearl (get directions).

We’d love to see how you interact with the sukkah booth! You can tag us in your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with our handle: @liveatthepearl