How to Hygge into Summertime

A single tricky-to-pronounce phrase has taken the wellness world by storm — and it just so happens to consist of everything we love here at The Pearl. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga,” perhaps counterintuitively) is the art of manifesting joy and cozyness into the everyday moments of one’s life.

The actual source of hygge tends to vary from person to person, but the idea generally consists of building a space that creates a warm, quiet feeling of happiness. While sparking a cozy state may seem like a winter-specific activity, hygge can actually be attained at any time of year. And at The Pearl, we have a few ideas on how to make this season your most hygge-fied yet.

In Your Living Room

Hygge may mean staying in and curling up during the winter months, but in the summer, this trend is all about opening up your space and letting in light and nature wherever possible. Our apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows that peer out over Rock Creek Park. Throw them open and hang up a pair of long, dreamy white curtains to make your space feel like an ethereal haven.

Bring Rock Creek’s greenery inside by starting your own collection of indoor plants, fresh flowers, succulents, or a mix of all three. The key here is to fill your home with light and life, and few things feel more lively than a bright burst of colorful flowers. In Silver Spring, the convenient Behnke Nurseries and J.R. Wright and Sons have a massive array of options to choose from. And in D.C., Ginkgo Gardens is a popular go-to to find green life and gardening advice.

In Your Kitchen

Sense memory and a sense of hygge go hand in hand (example: the feeling you get from the smell of baking cookies or clean laundry). In colder times, hygge scents tend towards warmth and comfort, but summer calls for lighter aromas to wake up the senses. We love the idea of using a simmering pot recipe (like these three from Two Purple Couches) to instantly freshen up your space with completely natural ingredients like ginger, rosemary, mint, lime and grapefruit. Our kitchens’ ENERGY STAR appliances make this project easy and energy-efficient to set up.


The Pearl is the perfect community for stepping out into summertime hygge. We offer not one, but three courtyards (The Green, The Grove and our covered outdoor lounge with a two-sided fireplace) that are perfect for indulging in the level of leisure that works for you. Enjoy a quietly contemplative moment or impromptu yoga session at The Green, or have a seat at The Grove’s Tuscan-inspired communal table and dine al fresco.

To further elevate your hygge (literally), head up to our rooftop and take in the gorgeous view of Rock Creek Park and Silver Spring, all while you lounge by the pool. If that doesn’t inspire a breath of fresh air, we don’t know what will.


For a dose of hygge outside of your apartment, our main lobby is full of welcoming, cozy spots to sit, relax and recharge. But sometimes, life calls for an urgent shot of coziness, even if you’re not at home. That’s why we love the idea of packing a hygge survival kit, to be prepared when emergency strikes. Items can include a notebook and pen, a favorite book, a bite of dark chocolate, or really anything that will conjure nostalgia or a happy memory.

At The Pearl, the possibilities for mindful cozyness are truly endless. To learn how you can take part in our hygge-centric spaces and amenities (including up to 2 months free rent), reach out to us today for a tour, or call 301-587-3275.